Use a reusable mug instead of paper cups at Starbucks

Do you have a habit of using your own tumbler instead of paper cups at Starbucks? It is quite a lift of finger thing, but it will make a big difference to change the world.

This afternoon, I have played with the Flash at It shows me how big  I can impact the planet by using a reusable mug rather than a paper cup every day. Actually, it is a user interface application that you can type in how many cups you drink per day, and the app will do the math of your impacts to the world for you automatically. For instance, if you type in one cup, which means you save one paper cup by using reusable mugs. Then it is 18250 paper cups over 50 years and that equals to seven trees. And if you multiplied by ten thousand people like you, it means 114 acres of forest has been saved. It’s a huge forest!

Who says one person can’t make a difference? If we all made one small change, we can change the world. One person saves a tree but thousands people save a forest.

Besides calculating your impact, the app will offer you a chance to pledge and share it on your Facebook with all of your friends. You can type in your name, how many cups you drink per day, and your current location to make the pledge on the webpage. After that, the page will tell you that you have saved 7 trees over 50 years, and there are other people like you around the world make the pledges too and all of us up to now saved 638,750 tress globally over 50 years. Very inspiring, right?  This global movement is taking place in locations around the world including 50 countries.

Furthermore, in order to thank you for your act helping to make the world a better place. Starbucks will give you 10 cents off any Starbucks beverage, anytime, you bring in your reusable mug. It is a meaningful action to save your money, in the same time, to save trees!



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2 responses to “Use a reusable mug instead of paper cups at Starbucks

  1. ashleyhardin583

    My office is very green and it is encouraged that we all bring our own mugs from home. This really does cut down on waste and, therefore, lessens our impact on the environment. A lot of my mugs and tumblers in my home cupboards are from (where else?) Starbucks!

  2. I always try to use reusable tumblers and bottles. It’s great that these companies are being so supportive to their customer’s transition of being green. The app is really neat and like you said, what a great way to inspire people to use reusable tumblers!

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